An RSS/Atom newsreader with features comparable to commercial newsreaders.
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Postby ecir.hana » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:36 pm


I just found Vienna, and it is perfect feed reader for me. Seriously, I looked at every option and Vienna suits me best. Thank you!

Only 3 (hopefully) small suggestions:

- when both toolbar and statusbar are hidden, and then I accidentally open a tab (cmd-t) and close it, the icon for "filter" wont disappear. I have to double-tap cmd+/. Please see the attachment below.

- shortcuts for "mark all articles read" and "mark all subscriptions read" are too "close" to each other. It might be very easy to accidentally hit "alt" instead of "shift" which might be a huge pity if it was not what one actually wanted to achieve.

- spinners for group folders - this is more of a feature request, but currently if I have only folders (and they are not opened) it seems as Vienna is not refreshing the feeds even if it is.

Anyway, thanks again, I thing I found a perfect feedreader for me.
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