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Vienna 2.6 Beta

Postby stevepa » Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:14 am

For a long while now we've had changes from Curtis Faith sitting in the 2.6 trunk but never released other than for private builds. I've built and uploaded it to here:

Now before you install it, please understand a couple of important points:

1. This is provided SOLELY for interest and does not imply on my part (or indeed on the part of the other administrators) that this will be officially released. There's no schedule for 2.6 release at this point. I don't own that schedule - nobody does. It just seemed fair to Curtis to give his work some wider exposure particularly since the changes are quite stable.

2. There is NO official support for this version - it is a test version as the name of the folder implies. I can't even guarantee that Curtis has time to respond to comments on his features and will not press him to make that time. Nor can I promise any bug fixes although anybody is free to contribute fixes and patches as per the development page of the Vienna web site. I've ported all changes from build 2502 to this version so it should work fine on Mac OSX Lion but that is all I've had time for. So back up your database and be prepared to revert back to 2.5.1 if there are any major issues.

As said elsewhere, Vienna development is pretty stagnant right now due to other pressing commitments on the part of the developers. Apologies in advance and I wish it were otherwise but such is the nature of voluntary development work.

    Added Ascending and Descending items to the View > Sort By menu.
    Added support for ',' duplicating '<' and '.' duplicating '>' since they appear below them on many country's keyboard layouts and this helps avoid having to hit the shift key since most of the other keyboard shortcuts handle both upper and lower case.
    Added a feature to load the web page corresponding to a feed article instead of the text from the RSS feed.
    Added a checkbox to the InfoWindow for the feeds to turn this feature on and off.
    Added a new class ProgressTextCell to draw a progress indicator while the web page is loading since this will no longer be instantaneous.
    Added menu items for Use Current Style for Articles and Use Web Page for Articles to make the new web page article feature more discoverable.
    Moved the folder-specific Get Info... and Unsubscribe to Feed menu items to the folder menu with the other folder-specific items.
    Fixed a bug where a folder's InfoWindow was not updating if you changed a flag via the menu item via the Unsubscribe or Use Web Page for Articles menu items.
    Added support for Open Page in Safari (Preferred Browser) and Copy Page Link to Clipboard context menu items for the new web-page based articles.
    Added a new single-key keyboard shortcut for the letter 'b' or 'B' that takes you to the beginning of the unread articles.
    Fixed a bug where the activity window detail text always listed a spurious HTTP Redirect for every single URL.
    Updated the Activity Window redirect logging to include the HTTP code for the redirect.
    Fixed bug where changes to the subscription in the InfoWindow were not saved when the window was closed.
    Fixed bug where edits to the subscription from the Folder menu were not reflected in open InfoWindows.

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